D&D 5e Spell Slot Tracker, "Nightmare"

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This listing is for a spell slot tracker designed for tracking D&D 5th edition spell slots. The numbers on the face of the tracker represent the level of a spell. 6-sided dice are used to keep track of the remaining spell slots you have for a particular spell level.

This listing includes:

  • 1 x spell slot tracker
    • The front of the tracker has 9 indents that fit 12 mm d6s. The back of the tracker has a large decorative backstamp with logo.
    • Material: Metal (gold plated) and hard enamel 
    • Dimensions: 2.4 inches by 5.1 inches; Indents are 2.2 mm deep
    • Enamel grade: A, B or C Grade. A & B grade are considered "standard grade." A grades are near perfect. B grades are very good quality, but have more minor flaws than A grades. C grades are "second grade" quality.
  • 9 x d6s (Chessex brand; "Lustrous® 12mm w/pips Black/gold d6")
  • 1 x navy velour bag for the spell slot tracker
  • 1 x navy organza bag for the dice