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Green Forest Pin Set

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This set of 8 pins features designs based on one central theme. Each unique design features something you'd might encounter or find while adventuring through a fantasy forest. These 8 pins can be nested together to form a nice compact display.

This set includes 1 of each pin design packaged on 1 decorative backing card as shown.

The pins have the following characteristics:

  • Size: 40 mm wide for the larger pins and 22 mm wide for the smaller pins
  • When nested, the diamond shape formed by the 8 pins measure approximately 82 mm wide (3.2 in wide)
  • Plating: polished gold
  • 2 rubber pin backs for each pin
  • Logo embossed on the back of each pin

Pin designs include:

  1. Moonlit mushrooms
  2. Fairy wings
  3. Owlbears and berries
  4. Elven blades
  5. Friendly tree
  6. Dragon's eye
  7. Lucky shield
  8. Corpse flower