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SECONDS Grade - RPG Class Pins Bundle (12 core classes) - 50 mm

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This set of enamel pins is based off of the 12 core classes from Dungeons and Dragons, 5th edition. This listing is a bundle listing, you will receive 12 pins total - 1 of each of the classes shown and listed below.

Barbarian - Bestial Rage
Bard - Tales of Lore and Valor
Cleric - Divine Healer
Druid - Nature's Balance
Fighter - Master of Arms
Monk - Path to Enlightenment
Paladin - Divine Protector
Ranger - Master of the Hunt
Rogue - Cloaked in Shadows
Sorcerer - Draconic Origins
Warlock - Otherworldly Presence
Wizard - Scholar of Magics


This listing is for 12 SECONDS grade hard enamel pin.
- Size: 50 mm at longest side. (Approx. 2 inches)
- Polished black nickel plating
- 2 clasps
- Logo embossed on the back of the pin
- Designed and illustrated by doize.