Hello, my name is Jessica! I am the sole owner and operator of this small online store. Doize Demos is a hobby turned small business started back in 2018 as a creative outlet and to share my love of fantasy and gaming. I'm really into Dungeons and Dragons at this time and love making large sets of D&D inspired hard enamel pins. Now that I have the enamel pin making process (mostly) figured out, I'm enjoying experimenting with new techniques and manufacturing processes. I hope to continue expanding my offerings of tabletop RPG and fantasy inspired merch! If you'd like more content, you can find me @doizedemos on Instagram for works in progress and fantasy themed art!


At this time, I do not offer any products for wholesale.


I do manage an Etsy shop in addition to this website. This is the only other location my products are legitimately sold at this time. Prices on Etsy are higher than what is offered due to the fees associated with selling on that platform. Stock is also limited on Etsy. Any items that I am running really low on will only be available through this website. Products are first released on this website. There is a delay for new releases appearing in my Etsy shop. During seconds sales, seconds are only available initially through my website. When the initial rush has died down, I will list high volume seconds on my Etsy shop.