Enamel Grading

Unless otherwise noted, all enamel products are hard enamel. The production of hard enamel pins involves many steps, including the application of each hard enamel color by hand, polishing, and plating of the metal. Due to this production process, varying quality levels can exist within each batch of enamel pins. In order to ensure that you are receiving a product that you are happy with, I personally inspect each enamel pin and separate them based on a grading scale that is detailed below. This will allow you to determine which price & quality combination works best for you. Product photos display standard grade pins.


These pins are the highest grade pin I offer. They may have **minor flaws upon close inspection** detailed below. These flaws are only noticeable upon close inspection or when the light hits the enamel pin at a certain angle. These minor imperfections are not noticeable by most individuals and do not detract from the overall appearance of the pin. Examples of flaws that can be found in standard grade pins are to follow.
  • Tiny specks of discoloration in enamel or metal
  • Small scratches in the enamel or metal
  • Areas underfilled with enamel in areas that are not major (only in detailed pins)
  • Tiny spaces not filled with enamel (applies to very detailed designs)


These pins have some imperfections that are noticeable to most individuals. I still exclude highly flawed pins (Grade F/Junk grade) from this category that are so incredibly flawed that I don’t feel comfortable selling them even at a discount. Seconds grade pins are clearance items and as such sales are final. You cannot choose the type of flaw the pin may have. Seconds grade imperfections can include:
  • A combination of multiple minor imperfections listed in the standard grade section
  • Large discolorations of the metal
  • Wrong enamel colors that don't detract from the appearance in a major way
  • Areas of missing enamel that are small
  • Very wobbly posts

Seconds grade pins are generally only available in my shop for a limited period of time. The sales are usually quarterly. I announce the seconds sales on my Instagram (@doizedemos) prior to the start of the sale and if a seconds sale is happening, you will see a "Seconds" tab on the main menu. Outside of the seconds sale, I will occasionally have a few designs available as seconds. The reason for this is either the enamel pin run was more highly flawed than usual, so few standards are available, or the the standard grade for a design that is part of a set is sold out and restock is delayed. 


These pins have very major flaws that greatly detract from the overall appearance such as major areas missing enamel or major areas with the wrong enamel color in areas that are visually important. F grades also include pins that had missing posts that have been reattached. The posts are reattached with an adhesive that may not be as durable as standard grade pin backings.




This is the highest grade I offer for tokens. Some tokens in this category may be flawless, but often times standard grade tokens still include some minor imperfections. The tokens have hard enamel on 2 sides, and as a result have a higher chance of having imperfections due to this increased area. Standard grades can have some minor imperfections including:

  • Small specks of discoloration in enamel or metal
  • Small scratches in the enamel or metal
  • Slight underfill of enamel in areas that are not major

SECONDS (Tokens)

I typically receive a higher portion than usual of what I consider seconds (compared to enamel pins) with tokens due to how they are double-sided. Seconds are still a great option especially if you plan on using your coin to play with instead of display. Seconds imperfections in tokens include:

  • A combination of multiple minor imperfections listed in the standard grade section
  • Larger areas of discolorations of enamel or metal
  • Edges on the coin may have some unevenness
  • Small dings in the enamel or metal

If a coin has any of the following flaws, it is considered F grade (Junk grade) and will not be sold as a second:

  • Areas of missing enamel
  • Areas of enamel that are filled with the wrong color