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D&D 5e Spell Slot Tracker, Crystals

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Enamel Grading

This listing is for a spell slot tracker designed for tracking D&D 5th edition spell slots. The numbers on the face of the tracker represent the level of a spell. 6-sided dice are used to keep track of the remaining spell slots you have for a particular spell level. This spell slot tracker includes slots up to spell level 5. Perfect for classes that do not have higher level spells or for players that typically don't play caster classes past level 10!

This listing includes:

  • 1 x spell slot tracker
    • The front of the tracker has 5 indents that fit 12 mm d6s. The back of the tracker has a large decorative backstamp with logo.
    • Material: Metal (gold plated) and hard enamel 
    • Dimensions: 2.8 inches by 2.5 inches; Indents are 2.2 mm deep
    • Enamel grade: A, B or C Grade. A & B grade are considered "standard grade." A grades are near perfect. B grades are very good quality, but have more minor flaws than A grades. C grades are "second grade" quality.
  • 5 Chessex dice: Teal (Borealis® 12mm w/pips Teal/gold Luminary™ d6)
  • 1 x turquoise satin bag for the spell slot tracker
  • 1 x purple organza bag for the dice